First 10 Pages Review


Unlock the potential of your script’s opening with our First 10 Pages Review. Receive expert feedback from industry professionals on the crucial first scenes, character introductions, and narrative tone, guiding you towards a captivating and impactful script.


Your script’s first 10 pages are its gateway to success, captivating readers and paving the way for an immersive storytelling experience. Crafting these initial pages is an art, regardless of genre, and sets the stage for the journey ahead. Now, with Thoughts Unlimited’s exclusive service, you can have your script’s first 10 pages meticulously reviewed by industry professionals, ensuring your script hooks readers and keeps them turning pages to the very end.

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or embarking on your first scriptwriting endeavor, honing those opening scenes is paramount. Our expert executives, each with over 10+ years of industry experience, will provide you with invaluable feedback to refine your script and propel it towards success.

What You Actually Receive:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of six major elements of your first 10 pages, including scene setup, character introduction, world-building, tone clarity, concept originality, and narrative voice.
  • Professional assessment categorized as Pass/Consider/Recommend for both your project and your writing skills.
  • Detailed notes and feedback on the executive’s initial impression, guiding you towards script perfection.

What You Submit: Your complete script

Who’s Your Reader? We assign an industry expert according to the genre of your film, ensuring your script lands in the hands of a professional aligned with your vision and storytelling style.

Turnaround Time: 15 Days

This Service is For You If:

  • You’re refining a new script or concept.
  • You seek to strengthen your inciting incident.
  • You desire to enhance your protagonist’s depth and appeal.
  • You’ve received negative feedback on your opening or first act and seek clarity.

Additional Options: Explore our Premium Development Notes for further script analysis and enhancement opportunities.

Plus! Rest assured, if your executive likes what they read, they’ll continue reading at no extra charge. They may even request a meeting with you for further collaboration and development.

Click here to view an example of our First Ten Pages feedback card!

Please note: Timely script submission is crucial for efficient service delivery. Failure to submit within 24 hours may result in delays.


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